A photo of Ariel in front of a tree

Ariel Lee

Masters' Student
Information School

Hi, I’m Ariel! I work in content design and UX research, and am completing my MLIS degree at the iSchool. My interests lie in information system design and children and young adult literature. I was born in Taiwan but have been in Vancouver all my life since the age of 3. When I’m not busy taking courses, working, or reading an endless of “must-reads”, I’m writing YA/MG fiction, songwriting, or stuffing my face with decadent chocolate treats.

Research Interests

I'm currently conducting a research study with Dr. Eric Meyers on reading apps. In this study, we are interested in understanding how parents, teachers, and students in the Lower Mainland use these reading platforms, as well as how it contributes to elementary school-aged children’s literacy practice.