Headshot of Thalia Otamendi

Thalia Otamendi

PhD Student
Rehabilitation Sciences

I have never-ending questions, which has motivated me to pursue a career in research. I am fortunate to follow this path in a beautiful campus and city that I am constantly exploring. Sports have always been an important part of my life, but in 2013 I had to stop playing soccer due to a two-year concussion recovery. Since then, the bulk of my questions have focused on trying to understand why some concussed individuals recover faster than others, and how we can help those experiencing prolonged recoveries.

Research Interests

My MA research focused on psychological barriers and facilitators to concussion recovery. My PhD goals are to disseminate evidence-based clinical care guidelines for concussion care to health care providers. I have developed skills in qualitative and quantitative methods, which I hope to build on during my training.