Visualization Courses

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Computer Science

Information Visualization; CPSC 547 (formerly 533C)

Visualization; CPSC 447

  • ugrad CS, for majors
  • will be offered as special topics for first two offerings, eventual plan is CPSC 447 numbering
  • computational platform will be D3
  • plan is first offering in Jan 2020
  • instructor: Tamara Munzner (co-developed with Kemi Ola)

Data Science

Masters of Data Science (MDS)

Data Visualization I; DSCI 531

  • grad, only for MDS cohort
  • usually offered Dec each year
  • computational platform is R (& some python)
  • Sep 2018, Vincenzo Coia
  • Sep 2017, Vincenzo Coia
  • Sep 2016, Tamara Munzner

Data Visualization II; DSCI 532

  • grad, only for MDS cohort
  • usually offered Jan each year
  • computational platform is R/Shiny
  • Jan 2019, Cydney Nielsen
  • Jan 2018, Tamara Munzner
  • Jan 2017, Tamara Munzner

Educational Psychology

Special Topics in Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Methodology: Data Visualization; EPSE 581A


Visualizing Climate Change


Geospatial Data Visualization; GEOB 472

Cartography, GEOB 372


Information Visualization and Visual Analytics; LIBR 514F / ARST 575H;

Information Visualization; INFO 419


Special Topics in Contemporary Journalism: Data Visualization); JRNL 520H


Special Topics in Perception: Visual Display Design; PSYC 549