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Creating Humane Values in Future Artifacts through Augmented Design

Tek-Jin Nam
Professor and Head of Industrial Design at KAIST
KAIST, Korea

Past Events

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DFP Summer School E-Portfolio Workshop

This two-day event will provide you with insider information on what industry recruiters are looking for in your online portfolio. Join us to learn how to design an e-portfolio that best represents your work, and get your questions answered by industry professionals and design experts!

DFP Summer Social

DFP members are invited to the 3rd Annual DFP Summer Social.

Helping People See & Understand Data

Maureen Stone
Senior Manager
Tableau Research

DFPGrads Social: Ice Skating

Join your fellow grads for ice skating at the UBC Ice Arena!

Creating Interfaces with Rich Physical Properties Through Digital Fabrication

Jürgen Steimle
Professor of Computer Science
Saarland University

Empowering People with Data

Sheelagh Carpendale

Attend DFP's 3rd Downtown Salon!

Designing for Teachers & Learners

DFP Design Showcase

Attend DFP's Design Showcase and Poster Session on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Attend DFP's Second Downtown Salon!

This Downtown Salon will take place at Robson Square. Theme: Designing Inclusive Technology & Systems