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Missed a seminar? No problem! You can watch all of our seminars on our YouTube channel: https://tinyurl.com/youtubedfp

The Sketches behind the Research: Lessons Learned about Sketching in Human-Computer Interaction Research

Nic Marquardt
Principal Researcher
Microsoft Research

Hosted by University of Victoria on May 1, 2024

Thoughts on Why the Fun Stuff in Technical Human-Computer Interaction is All Ahead of Us

Scott Hudson
Carnegie Mellon

Hosted by Simon Fraser University - Burnaby on April 10, 2024

Making It In The Software Industry

Johnny Rodgers
Technology designer from Vancouver

Join us on March 13, 2024 when Johnny will share his experience building a career in the tech industry in Vancouver, from sole proprietor to taking Slack public on the NYSE.


DFP x UVic Hackathon

Registration is closed! Thank you to everyone who reached out.

Building upon the success of the exciting DFP Hackathon hosted at UBC Okanagan in May 2023, we are excited to announce its return, this time taking place at the University of Victoria (UVic) for current DFP CREATE students!


AGI is Coming... Is HCI Ready?

Meredith Ringel Morris
Director for Human-AI Interaction Research | Affiliate Professor
Google DeepMind | Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington

Join us on January 17th 2024 at UBC-V, as Meredith Ringel Morris presents "AGI is Coming... is HCI Ready?"

DFP Mobility Exchange Grant Experiences, and a Holiday Mix and Mingle!

Frank Heyen, Anika Sayara, and Mint Tanprasert

Join us on December 13 2023 as the DFP Monthly Seminar Series presents our very own DFP Mobility Exchange Grant award winners on their experiences abroad. The talk will be followed by a Holiday Mix and Mingle.

Non-Contact Monitoring of Respiratory Rate for Infants in the NICU using Depth and RGB Cameras

Paul Addison and Soodeh Ahani
Paul Addison, PhD, Chief Scientist Medtronic Patient Monitoring, Technical Lead Algorithm and AI Group, Professor of Fluids Engineering | Soodeh Ahani, PhD, Research Associate, UBC

True Biomimetics

Adam Clare
Professor, Manufacturing Engineering UBC | Research Chair, Rolls-Royce/Royal Academy of Engineering University of Nottingham | Founder, Director, and Scientific Advisor, Texture Jet Ltd., and Scintam Engineering Ltd.

The Theory of Orchid and Dandelion Offers a New Subtyping Framework for Cognitive Aging

Sylvain Moreno
Associate Professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology SFU | Special Advisor to the Vice-President Research and International | C.E.O and Scientific Director, AGE-WELL National Innovation Hub: Circle Innovation

DFP Design Showcase

DFP’s 6th Annual CREATE Design Showcase is back in person!