Upcoming events

DFP Project Stimulus Update

Featuring 2 Talks: Adapting to a Disrupted Climate; Intellectual Quality of Life

2020 Design Showcase

Hold the date (May 6) for DFP's annual CREATE Design Showcase!

Title: TBA

Lisa Nathan
Associate Professor, iSchool
University of British Columbia

Past Events

Missed a seminar? No problem! You can watch all of our seminars on our YouTube channel: https://tinyurl.com/youtubedfp

Toward User-Adaptive Visualizations

Cristina Conati
Professor, Computer Science
University of British Columbia

Critical Visualization for Humanities Research: Designing for People, Context and Politics

With speakers Catherine D’Ignazio, Ben Shneiderman, Charles Berret, Tara Zepel, and Sheelagh Carpendale.

The Amagugu Ethu / Our Treasures Project

Hannah Turner
Assistant Professor, iSchool
University of British Columbia

The Vast Potential for New Text Visualizations

Richard Brath
Managing Partner
Uncharted Software

Redefining Productivity in a Changing Landscape of Work

Dr. Shamsi Iqbal
Principal Researcher, Information and Data Sciences (IDEAS)
Microsoft Research

Agency + Automation: Designing Artificial Intelligence into Interactive Systems

Jeffrey Heer
Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
University of Washington

From Style to Humility: 150 years of design progress

Dr. Milena Radzikowska
Professor in Information Design
Mount Royal University

DFP Project Kick-Off

Annual Project Kick-Off event to introduce students to external partners.

Evolving wheelchair design to better suit real life activities and improve participation

Jaimie Borisoff
Research Director, BCIT
Adjunct Professor, OSOT UBC

Viz@UBC Guest Speakers: Bettina Speckmann and Yang Wang

Bettina Speckmann
Head of Applied Geometric Algorithms (AGA)
Mathematics and Computer Science of TU Eindhoven