Spheree uses optical tracking for head-coupled rendering, providing parallax-based 3D depth cues.
This project tackles the challenge to help users learn from open ended exploration of interactive simulations.
Adjutant is an open-source R application to support mining PubMed for literature reviews
Aggregated Dendograms support the comparison of evolutionary trees at multiple levels of detail.
How do the individual differences of the information seekers affect their search outcome?
Using augmented reality (AR) to enhance user engagement with library materials.
A future-focused approach for robot programming using augmented reality (AR) with the goal of enabling safe and intuitive human-robot interaction in collaborative manufacturing.
A device for preterm infants that can provide the key parts of skin-to-skin holding, including touch, heart beat sounds, and breathing motion.
The goal of this project is to a create a CSR that will help people with developmental disabilities (DD).
Librarians using Inexpensive technology to support computer science curriculum.