Viz @ UBC is an initiative to bring together and promote the community at UBC of people interested in visualization. We're targeting a very broad set of activities, including both research and teaching across all disciplines, as well as visual data analysis and presentation for administrative contexts within the university. Our overall theme is helping people "take it to the next level" in terms of engagement with visualization. This theme might mean different things to different people - for instance, going from aspirations to something concrete, or from small efforts to a more in-depth project, or for escalating already-substantial efforts.


The Viz @ UBC initiative, co-sponsored by DFP and PWIAS with support from DSI, is kicking off with a lunchtime series of 5 lectures and a mixer event. 

Viz@UBC Kickoff

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Visualization Courses Offered at UBC:

Visualization Courses


headshot of Tamara
Tamara Munzner, CS research faculty, webpage

headshot of Ben
Ben Shneiderman, PWIAS visiting scholar / Maryland CS faculty, webpage

Headshot of Kemi
Kemi Ola, CS teaching faculty, webpage

Headshot of Charles
Charles Berret, Journalism faculty, webpage

Core Participants: