DFP Grads

The Designing for People Research Cluster is concluding in April 2024. The information provided here is for archival purposes.


Part of being a grad student is developing your professional network. The DFP Grad Group is dedicated to connecting students to each other and industry though social events, site visits, and demos. We also help make decisions about resources, curriculum, and planning for DFP by coordinating with the faculty steering committee.


2019/2020 Co-Chairs
Amelia Cole – miaco@mail.ubc.ca

2018/2019 Co-Chairs
Paul Bucci – pbucci@cs.ubc.ca
Amelia Cole – miaco@mail.ubc.ca

Join Our Team!

Do you want a way to influence the way your DFP program works? We are currently recruiting for steering committee members and special event chairs!

How to Apply:

Send an email to miaco@mail.ubc.ca with your name, department and the position you’re interested in filling.

Open Positions:

Steering Committee Members
DFP Graduate Student Committee members contribute to the broader community by bringing student voices to the selection of teaching, curriculum, and job opportunities as well as influencing what goes into the DFP Studio space and which initiatives we should pursue. This is your opportunity to represent your department interests and needs, so we all achieve a program that provides us with the outcomes we need after graduation.


  • Create community by hosting graduate student social and knowledge sharing events
  • Shape the future of the DFP program by providing feedback to DFP Faculty on the program, lab, and broader-scale events
  • Represent the needs of your discipline by attending steering committee meetings.

Special Event Co-Chair [Summer School]

DFP Graduate Summer School is a brand new concept that is geared towards building the expertise of graduate students interested in user research and user experience. The original concept for the school is a themed workshop and seminar given by visiting faculty or industry practitioners (of our choosing) within a UX-driven area of research. The special event team will have some administrative support from UBC DFP staff as well as a real budget to invite visiting faculty or industry practitioners and potentially rent a space. Join the DFP Graduate Student Committee and create the summer school of your dreams!


  • Work in concert with DFP faculty to create a theme for the annual summer school
  • Develop a budget and project plan
  • Recruit and lead a team of volunteers in the execution of a summer school
  • Coordinate with external faculty and industry leaders
  • Term: March - August(ish)

To join, please send an email to: miaco@mail.ubc.ca or pbucci@cs.ubc.ca

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