Headshot of Yusheng

Yusheng Ding

Masters' Student
Information School

Yusheng Ding is a Master of Library and Information Studies student, currently working towards completing his degree. Yusheng is passionate about research and is currently exploring the use of VR/AR technology to make learning professional materials easier. With a focus on LLMs, Yusheng is dedicated to finding innovative ways to enhance the introductory learning experience. In his free time, Yusheng enjoys exploring new technologies and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in their field.

Research Interests

Professional training documentation can be overwhelming, with a massive amount of dry and unengaging material. However, technology can transform education by utilizing multimodal content and customized learning systems. VR systems can display multimodal content more effectively than 2D monitors, making learning more engaging. ChatGPT (or LLMs) can generate content based on user prompts, providing personalized and consistent assistance. A personalized VR learning system can help users learn introductory material in an immersive and vivid way, adapting to their learning styles through quick Q&A. This research project aims to design such a system, explore its components, and benchmark it against traditional learning methods.