CREATE Video Workshop - Part II

A Professional Skills Development Module
Steve Kasica

DFP CREATE student Steve Kasica and Kevin Ziechmann will facilitate our Video Workshop - Part II, which will cover the technical aspects of creating a project video. The workshop will run 10:00am - 12:00pm.


Tentative Agenda:

  1. Intro 15 minutes
    • Lecture: Introduce workshop organizers 5 minutes
    • Lecture: Introduce students to the goals of this workshop 5 minutes
    • Lecture: Review previously introduced pre-production methods 5 minutes
  2. Production 30 minutes
    • Lecture: An overview of shooting techniques 15 minutes
    • Exercise: analysis of CHI/product videos 15 minutes
  3. Break/Q&A 15 minutes
  4. Post-production 60 minutes
    • Lecture: overview of video editing
    • Exercise: creating a short video

All CREATE students are required to take both Part I and Part II of the Video Workshop. 

If you are a DFP student and have missed a workshop, please contact for the materials.