DFP Cluster Retreat Focus Group #2

The Future of the DFP Grad Training Program

White Board Notes
2019 Cluster Retreat - much has changed!

Focus Group #2: The Future of the DFP Grad Training Program

Date: Wednesday, August 18
Time: 12:00 - 1:30pm
Location: Zoom (contact dfp-facilitator@dfp.ubc.ca for link)

Annual Cluster Retreat

DFP's annual Cluster Retreat is open to all Core faculty, as well as those wishing to take on more responsibilities within the Cluster. As always, if you are interested in taking a more involved role in any aspect of DFP, please let us know by emailing Jocelyn at dfp-facilitator@dfp.ubc.ca 

This year's Retreat will again be held online. To help minimize our time spent in Zoom meetings, we have organized the annual DFP Cluster Retreat a little differently. We are holding a “non-retreat” that consists of three parts:

Part 1: Asynchronous review of a prepared document that outlines recent Cluster activities. Participants will read, provide feedback, and vote on which initiatives to continue, drop, or adjust. Our members' feedback is very important in planning our course over the next year, as well as in our reporting to our funders.

Part 2: Small groups (on Zoom) that each focus on just 1 theme or topic. Based on participant feedback regarding availability, the focus groups will be held on Aug 11 and Aug 18 (12:00 - 1:30pm).

Part 3: DFP staff members Jocelyn and Zahra will prepare a report summarizing the discussions among the different focus groups. The detailed reporting will be in the NSERC and GCRC reports. 

Have a question? Email Jocelyn at dfp-facilitator@dfp.ubc.ca