DFP Summer Social

Join the DFP team for our annual Summer Social!
Mike Van der Loos

7:30-9:30 PM: Designing for People Summer Social at Mike and Judy Van der Loos (RSVP for address)
10:00-10:30 PM: Celebration of Light fireworks on the beach 1 block away

Please RSVP to Mike (vdl@mech.ubc.ca) by Friday, July 26 so that we can estimate catering

On Wednesday, July 31, 2019, from 7:30-9:30 PM, DFP Program members, including sponsors, students and faculty, are invited to the 3rd Annual DFP Summer Social.

Not coincidentally, the second of the three Celebration of Light fireworks displays starts promptly at 10PM that night.  Canada will be the Wednesday night fireworks team (view here).  Also not coincidentally, the Social will be held at Mike Van der Loos house (contact Mike for address). The whole beach area will be packed with people due to its proximity to the fireworks barge, so the Social will end at ~9:30 and you can stake out a spot for the 10PM start. Significant others and offspring are most welcome.

The Social does have a (small) work component. We ask that everyone bring a Design Artifact and be prepared to share a story related to it. This can be a prototype made as part of a Master’s project, a cool app you bring on a laptop, a URL you love, a curio you picked up on recent travel to a magic corner of the world … whatever. Remember, DESIGN is the theme. The point is to share your experience through an object and, through that, create a tighter bond with your DFP colleagues.

We will provide basic food and soft drinks.  Please bring anything else you might like to imbibe or barbecue.

NOTE on traffic: Please come by bus, by bike (secure storage available), or on foot, but not by car. Highly restricted vehicle access and parking in the area.  Notice from traffic control:

"Access roads into Kits Point are closed from 6:00pm. Roads will re-open once crowds have dispersed and police have given their clear at approximately 11:00PM. "

Hope to see you there!