Viz@UBC Campus-Wide Meetup & Mixer

Meet With Others at UBC Who Are Interested In Visualization!
DFP Classroom: FSC 2300

This sixth lunchtime event is a mixer, not a lecture. It's intended to give people a chance to match up names to faces, and hear a bit about the interests and backgrounds of the various like-minded people that have come together to participate in these events.  Everybody interested in Viz@UBC is welcome, whether or not you've been able to attend earlier lectures in the series. We'll go around the room so that everybody can give a quick informal intro (under two minutes, no preparation needed). There will be substantial time to mingle and connect with each other over lunch, both before and after the round of introductions.  


Below is a list of those who attended and wanted to share their interest in building up the visualization community.

Ben Shneiderman

University of Maryland (Faculty), Peter Wahl Institute (Visiting Scholar)

viz@ubc speaker and visualization expert

Amira Halferin

UBC Department of Sociology (Postdoc)

Migration research

Eyal Zimran

Previously held CPO at large tech companies at IBM and Oracle

Visualizations for social network, financial data, fake news, and election campaigns

Ivan Beschastnikh

UBC Department of Computer Science (Faculty)

viz@ubc speaker, connecting with people interested in using the tools we developed or who need tools that support collaboration

Cristina Conati

UBC Department of Computer Science (Faculty)

Collaborating with anyone who thinks they might have visualizations that might benefit from Artificial Intelligence-driven personalization.

Simon Goring

UBC Department of Computer Science & University of Wisconsin Geography Department (Research Associate)

Leveraging domain knowledge to empower people to do interdisciplinary research and how visualizations can help people.

Katra Farah

Saudar Undergraduate Student Marketing Team

Interested in the CREATE program and I want to learn more about data visualization

Leanne Currie

UBC School of Nursing (Faculty)

Interested in working with people who are interested in designing visualizations to improve healthcare at the provincial, national, and international levels.

Sahir Moosvi

Master of Data Student (Recent grad)

Interested in learning more about data visualization

Ryan Van Roode

Human Early Learning Partnership

Software developer interested in hiring a visualization expert to support reporting tasks

Brian Fisher

Simon Fraser University (Faculty), Computer Science Depart at UBC and ICICS

Interested in spreading the word about the IEEE Vis conference coming to Vancouver this fall

Oswald Barral

UBC Computer Science Department (Postdoc)

Looking for research collaborations, works with using visualizations to showcase physiological data

Sebastie Lale

UBC Computer Science Department (Postdoc)

Looking for research collaborations ad he Works with using eye-tracking data to understand how people process visualizations

Craig Thompson

UBC CTLT (Research Analyst)

Interested in visualizing how students are interacting with course materials or how students are flowing through the different courses in the program

Emily Watt

UBC Community Planning (Data and Visual Analyst)

Work with planners and architects for building development and work with academics in theneighborhoods and information on campus

Jasime Lai

UBC Biology Department (Student) Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Interested data preparation and visualization to support research projects

Madison Elliot

UBC Psychology Department (Doctoral Student) VizXVision (cofounder)

Connecting with people that are hoping to apply behavioral research methods to visualizations or want to study why a visualization is either effective or ineffective in an empirical way

Micheal Oppermann

UBC Computer Science Department (Doctoral Student)

Connecting with people interested in the visualization of temporal or spatial data

Hayley Guillou

UBC Computer Science Department (MS Student)

Viz enthusiast

Weina Jin

Simon Fraser Computer Science Department (Doctoral Student)

Meeting with like-minded folks interested in using visualizations to make AI or ML more intuitive

Kevin Dsouza

UBC Computer and Electrical Engineering (Doctoral Student)

Genomic visualization, geological data

Will Evans

UBC Computer Science Department (Faculty)

Graph representations, network visualizations, hosting, and organizing the graph drawing conference that is happening in 2020.

Misha Lauenstein

UBC IT (staff)

Visualization to support data usage in Sauder Business school

Hasti Selfi

Max Planck Institute in Germany (PostDoc)

Worked on the HaptiPedia project, visualizations for haptics

Andy Gibb

UBC School of Public Health – Center for Health Policy Research (Data Manager)

Health informatics – visualizations to support doctors, personal visualizations (hiking data)

Dawn Mooney

UBC School of Public Health – Center for Health Policy Research & Geography Department (Lecturer)

Health informatics, teaches cartography, looking for projects involving spatial data for her class

Charles Berret

School of Journalism (Faculty)

Teaches visualization as part of computational journalism course, interested in projects relating to how we use data to tell stories

Sabrina Wong

UBC School of Public Health – Center for Health Policy Research (Faculty)

Health informatics, collaborating on projects related to the visualization of electronic medical records and learning more about visualization

Tara Zepel

UBC Chemistry Department (PostDoc)

Incorporating context in user interfaces of visualizations, data feminism, visualizations for communication and collaboration

Kemi Ola

UBC Computer Science Department (Faculty)

Health visualizations, visualization literacy, visualization pedagogy and learning analytics

Tamara Munzner

UBC Computer Science Department (Faculty)

Interested in exploring visualizations in the workplace, scalable infrastructure, designing visualizations for various domains, developing the viz community at UBC

Event directions

Once you are inside the Forestry Science building walk to the rear (south-east) of the building by passing through the large open study area and up the stairs to the 2nd level student (“treetop”) lounge area. Turn left, pass through the double doors, and room 2300 will be immediately to your right.