DFP CREATE Design Showcase 2021 - A Success!

This year's CREATE Design Showcase was our largest yet, with 108 participants (vs 78 in 2020)! These submissions came from students from not just UBC, but also Centre for Digital Media, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, University of Manitoba, Simon Fraser University, McGill University, University of Saskatchewan, Waterloo University, and University of Zurich. The students came from a variety of disciplines, most in Computer Science, but also in Electrical Computer Engineering, Systems Design Engineering, Informatics, iSchool, Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, and Digital Media. The number of submissions we received increased from 3 posters & 10 demos in 2020 to 6 posters and 14 demos this year.

The Showcase was held over three days, with an asynchronous gallery May 17-18, and a live event on Zoom May 19. The live event included a student poster and demo session, a showing of this year's 554K DFP Project Videos (see next page for highlights), and multiple prizes and awards. A new and popular element this year was "DFP Alumni: Where are they now?", in which DFP alumni who have moved on from UBC returned to share their journey, and to offer insights and advice to our current students.

Showcase Team

Our Design Showcase Team 2021

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Project Videos

Watch this year's 554K Project Videos below!

Motivating COVID-19 Misinformation Acknowledgement on Instagram

Abiramy Kuganesan (MSc, Computer Science, UBC); Hannah Elbaggari (MSc, Computer Science, UBC); Oloff Biermann (MSc, Computer Science, UBC); Eleanor Ren (MLIS, iSchool, UBC); Jin Wen (PhD, Psychology, UBC


Data Visualization for Teens with Chronic Pain

Unma Desai (MSc, Computer Science, UBC); Devarsh Bhonde (PhD, Civil Engineering, UBC); Haomiao Zhang (MSc, Mechanical Engineering, UBC); Katra Farah (MEd, Curriculum and Pedagogy, UBC); Rubia Guerra (MSc, Computer Science, UBC)


Onboarding with Ease: A Tool for Settlement Organizations Onboarding New Employees

Atieh Razavi Yekta (PhD, OSOT, UBC); Chelsea Palmer (MA, iSchool, UBC); Faqia Iqbal (MSc, Computer Science, UBC); Kim Correa (MA, iSchool, UBC); Michael Yin (MSc, Computer Science, UBC)


Digitizing KidsAction Coaching: A Web App to Support Home-Based Physical Activity for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Anika Sayara (MSc, Computer Science, UBC); Jane Jun (MLIS, iSchool, UBC); Jessica Wilkin (MLIS, iSchool, UBC); Kattie Sepehri (MSc, Computer Science, UBC); Preeti Vyas (PhD, Computer Science, UBC)

Student Awards

Innovation Award

Criteria: The Innovation Award recognizes a project that demonstrates unique approaches or contributes improvements to an existing body of knowledge/practice. It responds to the problem in a way that is not only useful and usable, but desirable to its intended audience.

Winner: “VizSnippets: Compressing Visualization Bundles Into Representative Previews for Browsing Visualization Collections”. Michael Oppermann (PhD, Computer Science, UBC); Tamara Munzner (Professor, Computer Science, UBC).

VizSnippets Poster

Best Poster

Criteria: The "Best of" poster recognizes the poster that best exemplifies the principles of human-centered design, and inspires others to learn more about the problem space.

Winner: “A Multicultural Lens on Student Mental Wellbeing: Designing for Inclusive Mental Health Technologies”. Sang-Wha Sien (PhD, Computer Science, UBC); Joanna McGrenere (Professor, Computer Science, UBC)

Multicultural Poster

Impact Award

Criteria: The Impact Award recognizes a project that exemplifies the power of human-centered design to create a better world. It puts people and/or concern for the environment at the center of its focus. While it does not have to present a complete solution, it should demonstrate the potential to have a positive impact on society, meaning that it improves the quality of life for people (either collectively or specific communities), our planet and/or helps contribute to a better world.

Winner: “Enhanced Learning Through Virtual Digital Training: Designing Simulations for Fire Investigators”. G. Choi, A. Mehta, T. Hackett, A. Kaldavar, K. Qian, C. Whatley (MDM, CDM); E. Brown (UBC visiting student, MDM program, CDM); Dr. R. Ralph (PhD faculty supervisor, MDM program, CDM)

Enhanced Learning

Crowd Favourite Award

Criteria: The “Crowd Favourite" is voted on by attendees during the Live Showcase event. All posters and demos are eligible. Those in attendance cast their vote for whichever project was their personal favourite!

Winner: “Data Wrangling in Journalism: An Interview Study”. Stephen Kasica (PhD, Computer Science, UBC); Tamara Munzner (Professor, Computer Science, UBC); Charles Berret (Professor, Journalism, UBC)

Data Wrangling Poster

DFP Alumni: Where are they now?

Mohi Reza  

Mohi Reza DFP Cohort 2, MSc, Computer Science
PhD Student, University of Toronto
Graduate Research Assistant, Intelligent Adaptive Interventions Group
mohireza@alumni.ubc.ca | mohireza.com | https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohireza/

Hanieh Shakeri  

Hanieh Shakeri DFP Cohort 2, MSc, Computer Science
PhD Student, Simon Fraser University

Billy Augustine  

Billy Augustine DFP Cohort 2, MLIS, iSchool
Librarian, Coquitlam College
baugustine@coquitlamcollege.com | https://billy72.ubcarts.ca/

Yelim Kin  

Yelim Kim DFP Cohort 1, MSc, Computer Science
UX Researcher, Ubisoft
yelim27@student.ubc.ca | LinkedIn


Taslim Arefin Khan  

Taslim Arefin Khan DFP Cohort 1, MSc, Computer Science
Research Software Engineer, Huawei Canada Research
Human Machine Interaction


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