DFP Design Showcase Poster Winners 2018

Designing for People 2018 Showcase and Poster Session WINNERS!

group of people holding awards

Award Winners:

What Sorcery is This? The most complete-looking “wizard of oz” demo. From Tangible to Augmented: designing a PhonoBlocks reading system using everyday technologies - Min Fan, Alissa N. Antle and Shubhra Sarker

Glitterbomb! Best visual design of a poster. Single-channel vibrotactile feedback for voicing enhancement in trained and untrained perceivers - David Marino, Hannah Elbaggari, Tzu Hsu (Sophy) Chu, Karon Maclean and Bryan Gick

Well Said Best science communication (project pitch). Motor Adaptation to Visual Symmetry Error Augmentation in Bimanual Forward Reaching - Leia Shum

Unicorn Most disciplines in a single project.VitalPAD: Designing a mobile monitoring and communication application to support pediatric intensive care in a newly designed academic acute care centre - K Tanille Johnson, Cheryle Peters, Nicholas West, J Mark Ansermino, David Wensley, Peter Skippen, and Matthias Gorges

K-Index Your personal favouritePAWH: Personalized and Augmented Web History - Amelia W. Cole, Taslim Arefin Khan, Borke Obada-Obieh, Shareen Mahmud, Kamyar Ardekani, Joanna McGrenere

Walking Catfish The strangest application of theory in practice. CuddleBits 2018: Simple Soft Robots getting Softer - P. Bucci, L. Cang, K. Maclean,

Darth The results most likely to be used for evil purposes. Navi-Tweet or: Toward location-aware machines with twitter - Michael Przystupa, Muhammad Abdul-Mageed