headshot of Jessica

Jessica Wilkin

Masters' Student
Information School

I am a graduate student in the UBC iSchool's Master of Library and Information Studies program. Before coming to UBC, I spent ten years working as a graphic designer and communications professional in contexts that included non-profit arts organizations, international NGOs, and a major political party. These experiences have developed my ability to work with a diversity of people who hold a wide range of skill sets. I am used to collaborating, innovating on a small budget, and striving to understand the needs of communities with whom I don’t share a cultural background.

Research Interests

My research interests include how young people use information media to access and evaluate political information, and how information design can influence political engagement both on- and offline. Under Dr. Heather O'Brien's supervision, I also contribute as a research assistant to Bipolar Bridges: a CIHR-funded study that will provide evidence-based quality of life recommendations on a innovative, secure platform to users living with bipolar disorder.