Headshot of Nick Hetherington

Nick Hetherington

Masters' Student
Mechanical Engineering

I grew up in North Vancouver, BC, went east for my undergrad, and am now back in Vancouver pursuing a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I did my undergrad in electrical engineering at Queen’s University, which also included an 11-month internship in industrial automation and 2 years on the Queen’s Mostly Autonomous Sailboat Team. In my personal time, I enjoy skiing and climbing, and have some mountaineering aspirations.

Ongoing Master’s Research: 
Design-Build Robotic Communication Cues & User Study with Mobile Sidewalk Robot
Presented a poster at the Human Movement Science for Physical Human-Robot Collaboration workshop at ICRA 2019. View abstract here.

Conference Publication: 
Pedestrian Following for Autonomous Navigation with Mobile Sidewalk Robot
Presented a paper and poster at ICRA 2019.
See Video Demonstration Below:

Research Interests

I’m interested in mobile robots, and specifically human-robot interaction (HRI) with robots “in the wild” - with people in shared urban spaces. Robotics is classically focused on human-agnostic manufacturing or other heavy industrial tasks. As robots become more integrated into everyday life, we must consider a variety of human factors to ensure we build socially-acceptable systems.

Group Surfing Poster

Holobot Poster