Headshot Rosalyn Carr

Rosalyn Carr

Masters' Student
Biomedical Engineering

I am a MASc in Biomedical Engineering at UBC working under Dr. Matthias Görges at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. I completed my BASc in Biomedical Engineering, specializing in Biomedical Informatics with a Minor in Psychology also at UBC. I previously worked in digital image and signal processing under Dr. Guy Tanentzapf in the department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, developing various analysis tools.

In my spare time, I volunteer as a figure skating official for the BC/YT Section and make ceramic sculptures.

Research Interests

My research interests are related to ethical data sharing; specifically developing a bidirectional data sharing platform for clinicians and researchers to exchange healthcare data. More broadly, I have always been interested in how psychology and biomedical sciences differ in their approaches to health and how to incorporate strengths from both to improve patient outcomes.