An R-based Tool to Support Topic Discovery for Systematic and Literature Reviews

Lead: Tamara Munzner

Topi cluster info-visualization

Adjutant is a collaboration between PhD student Anamaria Crisan, DFP faculty member (CS) Tamara Munzner, and Jennifer Gardy (faculty, UBC School of Population and Public Health & Senior Scientist, BC Centre for Disease Control), in the health care domain. Given a PubMed-compatible search query, Adjutant downloads the relevant articles and allows the user to perform an unsupervised clustering analysis to identify data-driven topic clusters. Following clustering, users can also sample documents using different strategies to obtain a more manageable dataset for further analysis. Adjutant makes explicit trade-offs between speed and accuracy, which are modifiable by the user, such that a complete analysis of several thousand documents can take a few minutes.