An Expert-Sourced Interactive Device Visualization for Haptic Designers

Lead: Karon MacLean

academic poster

Much of three decades of haptic device invention is effectively lost to today's designers: dispersion across time, region, and discipline imposes an incalculable drag on innovation in this field. Our goal is to make historical haptic invention accessible through interactive navigation of a comprehensive library -- a Haptipedia -- of devices that have been annotated with designer-relevant metadata.

To build this open resource, we will systematically mine the literature and engage the haptics community for expert annotation. In a multi-year broad-based initiative, we will empirically derive salient attributes of haptic devices, design an interactive visualization tool where device creators and repurposers can efficiently explore and search Haptipedia, and establish methods and tools to manually and algorithmically collect data from the haptics literature and our community of experts.

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