Visual Data Analysis of E-Commerce Clickstream Data

Lead: Tamara Munzner

Mobify, MITACS

Screenshot of segmentifier

Segmentifier is a collaboration between (former) MSc student Kim Dextras-Romagnino and DFP (CS) faculty Tamara Munzner, and Vancouver startup Mobify (co-founded by Munzner's former PhD student Peter McLachlan). It is a visual analytics tool to help e-commerce companies analyze large-scale logs of clickstream data gathered from consumer behavior on web sites. Previous techniques fall short of handling the scale and complexity of real-world datasets. Segmentifier supports an iterative process of refining collections of action sequences into meaningful segments that are suitable for downstream analysis, and is simple to use for analysts operating under tight time constraints. This paper has been accepted for publication.

Segmentifier: Interactive Refinement of Clickstream Data

by Kimberly Dextras-Romagnino, and Tamara Munzner

Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. EuroVis 2019)

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