Designing AI-Powered Interactive Systems for Learning, Analytics, and Discussion

Juho Kim
Online! Please email for zoom details.

With the recent advances in AI, more AI-powered interactive systems have been designed to support people in various everyday tasks. The tension arises, however, when we apply state-of-the-art AI technology to a real-world task without careful consideration of users and their context. I argue that human-AI interaction should be considered a first-class object in designing AI-powered systems. In this talk, I’ll present a few novel interactive systems that use AI techniques to support everyday tasks such as learning, data analytics, and group discussion. I’ll discuss how human-AI interaction is considered in these systems, what tensions we encountered and how we addressed them, and how to design better intelligent and adaptive systems for real-world use. I'll also share preliminary lessons from teaching my ongoing Human-AI Interaction course and designing interactive exercises for it.