DFP Seminar


Seminar details coming soon...

Manon Ranger
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
University of British Columbia

Seminar details coming soon...

Tibor van Rooij
Digital Health Lead
BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

Designing Personalized User Interfaces

Joanna McGrenere
Associate Professor, Computer Science
University of British Columbia

Critical Race Theory for HCI

Alexandra To
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Northeastern University

From Perception to Abstraction

Miguel Nacenta
Associate Professor, Computer Science
University of Victoria

Emotional robots and magical objects

Karon MacLean
Professor, Computer Science
University of British Columbia

Designing AI-Powered Interactive Systems

Juho Kim
Associate Professor, School of Computing
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Three Lessons Towards Ethical Tech...

Casey Fiesler
Assistant Professor, Information Science
University of Colorado Boulder

Talk Postponed to Participate in #Strike4BlackLives

Karon MacLean
Professor, Computer Science
University of British Columbia

Changing Course: Designing for People in an Age of Crisis

Lisa Nathan
Associate Professor, iSchool
University of British Columbia

DFP Project Stimulus Update

Featuring 2 Talks: Adapting to a Disrupted Climate; Intellectual Quality of Life

Toward User-Adaptive Visualizations

Cristina Conati
Professor, Computer Science
University of British Columbia

The Amagugu Ethu / Our Treasures Project

Hannah Turner
Assistant Professor, iSchool
University of British Columbia

Redefining Productivity in a Changing Landscape of Work

Dr. Shamsi Iqbal
Principal Researcher, Information and Data Sciences (IDEAS)
Microsoft Research

From Style to Humility: 150 years of design progress

Dr. Milena Radzikowska
Professor in Information Design
Mount Royal University

Evolving wheelchair design to better suit real life activities and improve participation

Jaimie Borisoff
Research Director, BCIT
Adjunct Professor, OSOT UBC

Challenges in identifying the EEG signature of sports related concussion in the developing brain

Naznin Virji-Babul
Director of the Perception-Action Lab
University of British Columbia

Smart Apps and Big Data to help save babies from sepsis

Pascal Lavoie
Associate Professor, Clinician Scientist
BC Children's Hospital & BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre

Creating Humane Values in Future Artifacts through Augmented Design

Tek-Jin Nam
Professor and Head of Industrial Design at KAIST
KAIST, Korea

Design for Disobedience

Dr. Garnet Hertz
Canada Research Chair in Design & Media Art
Emily Carr University

Helping People See & Understand Data

Maureen Stone
Senior Manager
Tableau Research

Creating Interfaces with Rich Physical Properties Through Digital Fabrication

Jürgen Steimle
Professor of Computer Science
Saarland University

Empowering People with Data

Sheelagh Carpendale

Learning from the Mistakes We've Made with Passwords

Cormac Herley
Principle Researcher
Microsoft Research

Design-oriented HCI Research through Postphenomenology

Sabrina Hauser
Postdoctoral Fellow, DFP, UBC

The “Black Box” of User Engagement: Quantifying the Unquantifiable

Heather O'Brien
Associate Professor at the iSchool

Enabling Interaction on Everyday Surfaces

Robert Xiao
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
University of British Columbia

Towards More Expressive, Easy-to-learn Mobile Interaction in a Multi-device Ecosystem

Jessalyn Alvina (Sally)
Postdoc, Computer Science
University of British Columbia

Robot Rhetoric: What's In A Name?

Ryan Calo
Assistant Professor
University of Washington

What Do People Think Machines Can Know About the Mind, Even Theoretically?

Nick Merrill
UC Berkeley

Making Accessibility

Jennifer Mankoff
Richard E. Ladner Professor, Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Washington

Fostering Health Technology Development at UBC and Nearby Hospitals

Antony Hodgson
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
University of British Columbia

Simulation & Digital Health at the NRC

Jordan Hovdebo & Robert DiRaddo
National Research Council of Canada

Loss is More: The Responsive Open City

Blair Satterfield
Associate Professor, Architecture & Landscape Architecture
University of British Columbia

Understanding People and Designing Technology for Sustainable Development

Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
University of Toronto

In this talk, I will describe my general research approach that combines ethnography and design. I will focus on two projects to explain how understanding the communities through a deep ethnography can result in...

Context-Aware Computing at the Museum and Beyond

Joel Lanir
Assistant Professor, Information Systems
University of Haifa, Israel

Priming the Brain to Learn Using Robotics and Stimulation

Dr. Lara Boyd
Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
University of British Columbia

Reshaping Security Experience

Dr Koji Yatani
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems (EEIS)
University of Tokyo

Childhood Play in a UbiComp World

Alexis Hiniker
Assistant Professor of Human Computer Interaction
University of Washington

On Multi-modal and Structured Visual Intelligence

Leonid Sigal
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
University of British Columbia

Investigating Metadata as a Resource for Designing Longer-Term Interactions

William Odom
Assistant Professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology
Simon Fraser University

Towards Better User Interfaces for 3D: Fatigue Models for 3D Interaction

Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
Professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology
Simon Fraser University

A Robot for Managing Pain in Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Liisa Holsti
Associate Professor
UBC Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy

The Dream of a Common Infrastructure: Why We Should Get Out of the Lab in the Big Data Era

Ellen Balka
SFU School of Communication

5th Annual HCI@UBC Annual Kickoff Event

Dongwook Yoon
Assistant Professor
Computer Science