Empowering People with Data

Sheelagh Carpendale
DFP Classroom - FSC 2300

Data visualization is being increasingly recognized as having a crucial role to play in our society. Yet, finding the right visualization for a specific data set, a given data task, or an evidence-based decision support tool can still be elusive. I will discuss my continued research towards promoting data comprehension by creating appropriate interactive technologies that can help people negotiate the everyday transformation of data into understanding. Specifically, I will talk about my research into extending the available visual representations, using interaction to expand the potential of existing visualizations, and into broadening the potential of information visualization by investigating engagement with new audiences.  While data has the potential to enrich people’s lives, there are still many challenges in how to make it comprehensible, accessible and transparent.

Event directions

Once you are inside the Forestry Science building walk to the rear (south-east) of the building by passing through the large open study area and up the stairs to the 2nd level student (“treetop”) lounge area. Turn left, pass through the double doors, and room 2300 will be immediately to your right.