Fostering Health Technology Development at UBC and Nearby Hospitals

Engineers in Scrubs and Other Developments
Antony Hodgson
DFP Classroom: FSC 2300

*Minor warning: the video below contains an image of a spinal surgery*

Over the past decade, there has been a significant expansion in health technology development efforts at and around UBC and a corresponding expansion in the supporting infrastructure needed to encourage and nurture such developments.  In this talk, I will review the history of these developments, including the NSERC CREATE program (Engineers in Scrubs), the Medtech Development Hub, and some selected research projects at VGH and BCCH/BCWH (including projects in the Surgical Technologies Lab), as well as some emerging opportunities, including our recent application for an NSERC Chair in Biomedical Engineering Design.

Event directions

Once you are inside the Forestry Science building walk to the rear (south-east) of the building by passing through the large open study area and up the stairs to the 2nd level student (“treetop”) lounge area. Turn left, pass through the double doors, and room 2300 will be immediately to your right.

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