Helping People See & Understand Data

Maureen Stone
DFP Classroom - FSC 2300

Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand data.  Tableau’s products are designed for the people who have the questions, not for those with specific technical backgrounds in data and visualization. Doing this has required core technical innovation as well as good design practices. Tableau Research does foundational and applied research in domains important to Tableau’s products.  While our published work has been most visible in the visual analytics community, we also do research in statistics, machine learning, natural language processing, geospatial analytics, data prep, query processing, and database performance. Tableau Research works closely with Tableau’s product teams, including those in Vancouver, where the product focus is recommender systems, natural language processing, and other ways of “augmenting” our visual analytic products. Tableau Vancouver is also the home of Tableau Public.  The goal of this talk is to introduce the DFP and VIZ@UBC communities to our work, especially those areas where we might build connections with UBC researchers and instructors.  

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Event directions

Once you are inside the Forestry Science building walk to the rear (south-east) of the building by passing through the large open study area and up the stairs to the 2nd level student (“treetop”) lounge area. Turn left, pass through the double doors, and room 2300 will be immediately to your right.