Redefining Productivity in a Changing Landscape of Work

Dr. Shamsi Iqbal
DFP Classroom: FSC 2300

Abstract: Artificial intelligence is fundamentally challenging what we envision as the future of work. Because now we can have machine intelligence supplement human intelligence - people can be empowered to attempt and achieve beyond what was once thought possible. Research in the area of productivity and multitasking has to adapt to the changing world anticipating what the future may look like - in particular taking into account growing needs of balancing work and life. My research has focused on redefining productivity where doing work is no longer confined to being at a desk and the need to do things while on the go continues to dominate. This work brings together theories from cognitive science, human computer interaction and artificial intelligence. I will discuss a few ongoing projects in this area and present directions for research and product development.


Event directions

Once you are inside the Forestry Science building walk to the rear (south-east) of the building by passing through the large open study area and up the stairs to the 2nd level student (“treetop”) lounge area. Turn left, pass through the double doors, and room 2300 will be immediately to your right.