Reshaping Security Experience

DFP Showcase 2018 Special Speaker
Dr Koji Yatani
Forestry Atrium

Cyber-security becomes more and more important as users interact with a wide variety of computer devices and online services. Yet, people may not be well motivated to keep using security systems because it is an extra burden from the user perspective. Or they may not well-informed about potential risks around their online activities. In this talk, I will mainly present two projects related to user experience of cyber-security and privacy. Auth ‘n’ Scan is a sensing technology that concurrently senses user’s heart rates during fingerprint authentication/identification. It re-designs use experience of unlocking to collection of healthcare data. I will also present a quantitative study on potential personal information disclosure through activities on Twitter (e.g., reacting posts with likes and following friends). In addition, I will present several recent work of ours on interactive system design using sensor and/or AI technology.