Tuning, Technology & the future of work: how to align our designs with the INbodied in mind

m.c. schraefel
Hybrid with presentation via Zoom. Email dfp-comms.admin@dfp.ubc.ca for Zoom link.

The “future of work” as a concept is gaining currency. Much of the discussion seems focused right now on location, on hybrid working. We have the opportunity as designers and engineers to join in asking more fundamental questions: what is the shape of a future of work that has, built in, healthfulness and wellbeing (what we call “wealth”). Rather than needing to go to the gym to recover from a day of work, work is energising in itself.

Our question has been: how do we align our designs to work with our ancient wiring? And what is a model for this alignment that makes that awesome complexity accessible to us? To inspire design and help us evaluate it too?

In this presentation, I’ll offer a model from Inbodied Interaction for you to try out yourselves. WE start with the body as the locus of constant adaptation, and the three processes that require that response. From here we look at the only I/O we can non-invasively interact with to affect these adaptations - what we call the in5&c4. These same mechanisms give us a way to assess the efficacy of our approaches. This approach is part of what we call Tuning our designs to align with the inbodied in mind.

If you’d like a bit of a preview, please take a look at our inbodied interaction cheat sheets at the wellthlab. Please bring your ideas & questions. Looking forward to the conversation.