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Jillianne Code

DFP Role: Member
Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Pedagogy

Dr. Jillianne Code is a learning scientist, whose area of research is at the praxis of educational technology, psychology and measurement. Before coming to the University of British Columbia, Jillianne was Associate Professor of Educational Technology and Psychology in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria (UVic; 2011-17), and a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Assessment and Learning Technologies (2010-11). Dr. Code holds a Ph.D in Educational Psychology from Simon Fraser University, a M.Ed in Educational Psychology with a specialization Instructional Technology and a B.Ed in Secondary Science and Art Education from the University of Alberta.

Research Interests

Dr. Code's research is founded in three main themes. First, her research focuses on the role of agency in learning across multiple domains including science education, educational and applied technology, higher education, health and psychology. Second, her research focuses on the novel use of measurement methods including learning analytics. Dr. Code explores how alternative forms of assessment using advanced technologies can address the challenges with the validity and reliability of current educational and psychological instruments as the methodological challenges in educational research have been well documented throughout the literature. Third, Dr. Code's research focuses on the applied design of immersive and virtual environments for learning exploring the use of virtual, augmented and immersive technologies that situate students in inquiry contexts and use novel assessment methods to formatively and summatively evaluate students problem solving abilities. Dr. Code’s most recent research project, Assessment for Learning in Immersive Virtual Environments (ALIVE), supported by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, explores how immersive virtual environments can be designed to assess and support middle school students’ STEM inquiry learning through formative feedback.

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