A photo of Charlie in front of a white background.

Charlie Fokkens

Masters' Student
Information School

I am a graduate student in UBC’s iSchool studying Library and Information Studies, and I am interested in developing resources to empower youths to utilize technologies to enact change. Since 2015, I have taught High School Humanities, where I gained an interest in interdisciplinary design and digital literacies. I am continually impressed with students’ abilities to respond to the challenges of the world with imaginative and bold ideas; therefore, I am drawn to integrating data and information literacy into curricula with curiosity in how youths can utilize data to recognize gaps in existing algorithms, technologies, or policy and respond with appropriate design.

Research Interests

My research interests are in understanding youth Human-Computer Interaction, specifically with how youths understand and interact with Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, my thesis will explore how youths can employ AI to address local and municipal sustainability issues such as air pollution and energy consumption.