Headshot Emily Chan

Emily Chan

Masters' Student
Information School

I am an MLIS graduate student with a background in creative strategy, graphic, and UX/UI design in for and nonprofit organizations. I’m interested in designing just information and communication systems (technology, tools, practices) that “include marginalized voices in the uses of technology to resist systemic oppressions, while simultaneously working toward dismantling the broader structures that lie at the root of marginalization” (Ghoshal, 2020). 

Research Interests

The areas of research I am interested in are justice oriented, values-aligned, research practices and information and communications technology (ICTs) design. This direction is deeply informed by scholars and activists such as Dr. Sucheta Ghoshal, the Design Justice Network, and Sasha Costanza-Chock. I am currently working on a self directed research and study in designing just information practices for  grassroots groups under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Nathan.