Headshot of Grayson

Grayson Mullen

Masters' Student

I’m a graduate student in the Brain, Attention, and Reality Lab. Before coming to UBC, I got my B.S. in Cognitive Science at UC Santa Cruz. As an undergraduate there I conducted a research project demonstrating a time compression effect in virtual reality. I also assisted with projects related to metaphorical experiences in video games, illusory apparent motion, face perception, and gaze bias. I joined the BAR lab in September 2021 and plan to continue studying perception and attention in ways that take advantage of (and have implications for) novel forms of human-computer interaction.

Research Interests

My research is focused on the unique ways in which VR systems influence us, and how these effects may be exploited when they’re desirable (e.g. time compression during unpleasant medical treatments) or mitigated when they’re undesirable (e.g. cybersickness). I’m also interested in using AR/VR to study eye and head movements under more naturalistic conditions than those imposed by the constrained eye tracking systems that have been traditionally used for most eye movement research.