headshot of Marina

Marina Botnaru

Masters' Student
Information School

I’m a graduate student at iSchool of UBC pursuing a dual degree in archival studies and library information studies (MASLIS). I come from a small country in the core of Europe, Moldova, and am interested in community engagement. Our land is multicultural able to peacefully merges the two distinct languages – Romanian and Russian, adding to that a bit of Ukrainian and Gagauzian. The diverse community helped me to develop sensitivity to the differences and improve my communication skills. Before coming to UBC I was working as a Chief Financial Officer at the Consolidated Agricultural Projects Management Unit, where I was implementing the projects financed by the World Bank. Prior to becoming a CFO, I was working as a public auditor at the Court of Accounts of Moldova. During my professional career, I fortified my analytical thinking and developed a love for teamwork and creative environments.

Research Interests

I aspire to make the connection between the needs of small communities and overall possibilities envisioned by information architects and researchers, and to make information accessible for and relevant to the communities it is coming from. My idea is to design information systems that structure information in a way that it is relevant, accessible and useful for the general public. The information quality has to be at the highest level to be able to compete with the abundance of misinformation. My background in accounting and auditing gives me a systemic approach toward any issue, aiming to find stages where the system needs improvement. Also, in accounting every (financial) move leaves a trace and I hope to find a way for each community to be able to trace their needs and heritages. In doing so, the information has to be organized in an exhaustive way to cover all that community would be willing to share, but in a universal style to give everyone the opportunity to interact with community’s knowledge.