Matthew Chun

Matthew Chun

Masters' Student
Computer Science

Hi I’m Matthew Chun, a person generally interested in “people things”. But ... what does this mean exactly?

It might mean that I enjoy photography as it allows me to practice being observant of interesting human moments and exemplify the moment as I see it.

It might mean I enjoy films of all ilks, spanning genres such as Nicholas Cage, Japanese animation, trendy Korean thrillers, to the more surreal David Lynch.

It might also mean I enjoy video games as a form of interactive art that conveys very interesting ideas about ourselves in a visceral manner.

It might also mean I enjoy general dumb, fun but salient conversations. Even better over a nice glass of wine/Japanese whiskey or ...  coffee depending on the environment.

Basically ... I think life is only interesting if you engage with the people and the mediums surrounding them.

HapTurk research diagram

Research Interests

Generally speaking, I’m interested in how different people perceive, use, and think and feel about technology and the scenarios that surround them. Which is a very human computer interaction oriented perspective isn’t it?

I’m actually not very picky about the exact research area as long as it contains an element of the above.

In the past I’ve been interested in more perception related technologies such as VR/AR.

These days, I’m more focused on studying more intimate, personal modalities such as the sense of touch (haptics) and what processes could be employed to design for this subtle but powerful modality.