Oloff headshot

Oloff Biermann

Masters' Student
Computer Science

Hi, I'm Oloff, an MSc. student in the Department of Computer Science at UBC. Over the course of my career as a student and software engineer, I have recognized the power of effective human-centric methods and tools in driving positive change. I enjoy seeing a real-world benefit from my work and refining solutions based on human feedback. In my free time, I like solving coding challenges, building computers, reading fiction, and playing RPGs. I also enjoy tennis and wildlife photography.

Research Interests

My interdisciplinary research focus lies in human-computer interaction (HCI), computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), machine learning, and software engineering. Within these areas, I am interested in interface design methods, multimodal interaction, voice user interfaces, and collaborative groupware. I am particularly excited about leveraging machine learning in supporting novel design methods. I believe that the ongoing improvements in natural language processing provide an exceptional opportunity for developing methods and tools to augment the creative design process across many domains.