Headshot Ying Chen

Ying Chen

Masters' Student
Information School

I describe myself as a self-motivated constant learner with humanistic care. I am also a MLIS student at UBC’s iSchool with has dual bachelor's degrees in English Language and Literature from the University of Bayreuth in Germany and Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan.

My experience living across the East and the West greatly enhances my curiosity and empathy for understanding human behaviour, which continues to inspire my creativity and innovative drive in different fields of research. Prior to UBC, I worked as a content strategist in corporate product strategy, branding and online marketing in the field of brand entrepreneurship in Asia (Taiwan), and accumulated rich experience in consumer behaviour research and implementation. In this fast-paced technological entrepreneurial environment, I developed product solutions based on user-centered research on user and market trends with cross-domain and cross-cultural perspectives, which not only contributed to product development and innovations, but also to the strategic commercialization of online branding for Taiwanese companies. At UBC, I continue to develop my UX research and design skills with the goal of designing innovative solutions for cross-industry product development and of combining human culture and digital technology for better future development opportunities.

In my free time, I like to visit museums, read, hike and ski. 

Research Interests

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked my interest in the impact of existing technologies on human health and designing digital solutions for well-being. My recent projects include “Design Guidelines for Social VR Meditations as Additional Feature to Combine with Solo-User VR Meditations,” where I conducted user research on user needs for social VR meditation features to alleviate social isolation and support users’ daily health. For my DFP major project, I will investigate how videoconferencing systems can support the future of work and employee well-being.