Personal Health Records

A High-Usability UI for Personal Health Records

Lead: Leanne Currie

Other Collaborators: Matthias Gorges, Kathy Rush (UBC-O), Sabrina Wong (UBC-V), Douglas Kingsford (CIO of Interior Health)


  • This project aims to define and design a high-usability UI for personal health records to collect patient-reported experience measures, targeted at patients receiving care in the rural primary health care context.

  • So far, most of the personal health records released on to the market fail because of usability issues. UIs have been designed for health care professionals, not patients. What’s worse, the patients with the highest needs, experience the greatest usability issues.


This project will take place in the interior health setting. We are now engaging Interior Health (via Douglas Kingsford) as host, and gateway to patient populations.  Data Science and Health Informatics (DaSHI), part of the BC Support Unit for Strategies for Patient Oriented Research, is also committed to supporting this work and is lined up as a potential funding partner.