Dr. Leanne Currie

Leanne Currie

DFP Role: Member
Associate Professor, Nursing

Professor Currie studies computerized clinical decision support systems in healthcare with a focus on user-centered design processes for healthcare providers and patients in hospitals, community/homecare, and global settings.

Research Interests

Health informatics is a field in which information and communication technologies (ICTs) are used in the context of healthcare. Ideally, technology should support clinical care for both healthcare providers and recipients of care. The focus of my research is the application of ICTs in the context of healthcare decision-making, including decision support for clinicians, administrators and for patients and their families. I use a mixed methods approach to design and evaluate technologies towards creating systems that can be integrated into clinicians’ workflow, peoples’ lives, and administrators’ activities. My program of research has four main threads: 1) Computerized clinical decision support systems; 2) Measurement of informatics competencies; 3) User-centred design methods; and 4) The digital divide.