Social CheatSheet

Personalized Interfaces that Support Learning Feature-Rich Software

Lead: Joanna McGrenere

Collaborators: Laton Vermette (SFU), Parmit Chilana (SFU), Andrea Bunt (University of Manitoba)

Many software tools such as image editing and word processing continue to grow in complexity in terms of the number of features that they offer. This can be daunting for newcomers trying to learn how to use a software tool. We are exploring a number of topics related to learning in this project. One such project is Social CheatSheet, which is an interactive information overlay that can appear atop any existing web application and retrieve relevant step-by-step instructions and tutorials curated by other users. We designed the system to offer several features for users to search, browse, filter, and bookmark community-generated help content and to ask questions and clarifications. Furthermore, Social CheatSheet includes embedded curation features  for users to generate their own annotated notes and tutorials that can be kept private or shared with the user community.

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Partners: NSERC, Microsoft, Autodesk