Lead: Sidney Fels 

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Videx Screenview

ViDeX is an innovative video experience incorporating novel interface elements for reading, bookmarking and tagging, visual cueing, and crowdsourcing video content. This materializes in an engaging video experience that will help with information organization, synthesis, personalization, and application that ultimately improve student learning outcomes, and long-term archival. OneNote is a digital notebook. OneNote automatically saves and synchronizes notes so users can focus on their thoughts and ideas easily without being overloaded from switching between different contexts. OneNote's Learning Tools provides affordances to facilitate creation of learning environments for learners with different needs and abilities. This project integrates ViDeX with OneNote to enhance video experiences within the OneNote canvas linked to the Learning Tools for educational contexts.

UBC and Microsoft Canada Development Center (MCDC) are collaborating to integrate ViDeX with OneNote. Prototypes are being created and evaluated in UBC classrooms. The information gained informs research around the efficacy of the methods employed by ViDeX and OneNote Learning Tools. Furthermore, the information informs user experience design for how best to integrate video into digital notebooks. The ViDeX/OneNote tool enables complex view history and associated learning material management, advanced video annotation (i.e. highlighting, tagging, notes, and rich media commenting), temporal and spatial searching, browsing and navigation, OneNote/ViDeX playlists, peer-sourced data, social video-note collaboration methods, and instructor oriented tools. Through instrumentation and user studies we investigate usability and learning effectiveness of this novel form of video experience. Together, we anticipate the research will lead to novel video interfaces for video-based educational resources, targeted towards primary, secondary and post-secondary (K12, HED) for a variety of pedagogical styles including: flipped, blended, online courses, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to benefit Canadians and MCDC.

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Videx Showcase Poster 2018


Videx Demonstration