Dr. Sid Fels

Sid Fels

DFP Role: Member
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Sid Fels: (Prof, ECE, British Columbia, 1998-); PhD (CS, Toronto, 1994); MSc (CS, Toronto 1994); BASc (EE, Waterloo, 1988): Sid is a Distinguished University Scholar at UBC (2004-). He was a visiting researcher at ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan (1996-1997). He worked at Virtual Technologies Inc. in CA(1995). He is internationally known for his work in human-computer interaction, biomechanical modeling, neural networks, new interfaces for musical expression and interactive arts with over 300 scholarly publications.


14. Zhou, Q., Wu, K., Miller, G., Stavness, I., and Fels, S., 3DPS: An Auto-calibrated Three-Dimensional Perspective-Corrected Spherical Display, Proc. of 2017 IEEE Virtual Reality (IEEE-VR), 2 pages, Los Angeles, USA, Mar 18-22, 2017.

Research Interests

Human computer interaction, human 3D biomechanical modeling, speech synthesis, medical applications of modeling, computer vision, interactive arts and music.

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