Building a Community of Researchers Interested in Visualization Methods at UBC

Lead: Tamara Munzner & Leanne Currie

This is a Kickstart proposal that suggests the creation of a community at UBC to promote visualization in education and research across the curriculum and disciplines. The proposal aims for co-sponsorship between (at least) three organizations: Designing for People (DFP), Data Science Institute (DSI), and Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWIAS).

In the near term (spring 2019), there will be a lecture series with 4-6 events, which will connect together and grow that community. The goal of the lecture series is to promote increased education on visualization methods at UBC and increased usage of modern visualization tools for research and publication.

A Viz@UBC website will also be created in service of this goal. In addition, the team will build a list of all courses at UBC that touch on visualization, whether as a main focus or a side topic. The team will use the  already-started DFP course list as a foundation, which is a nice synergy. They will also engage with the DSI/MDS folks who will be a key source of information on this front. This list will be featured on the Viz@UBC website.