A photo of Elizabeth Reid

Elizabeth Reid

Masters' Student
Computer Science

Elizabeth is a MSc. student in the Department of Computer Science at UBC. She completed both a B.Sc. double honours degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and a B.Mus. degree at the University of Saskatchewan. While attending the U of S, Elizabeth worked as an undergraduate research assistant for four consecutive summers and fell in love with both research and HCI. She has worked on several previous research projects concerning video games and player behaviour, as well as a joint project in mathematics and music on modelling the singing voice. When not working, you can usually find her drinking tea or practicing singing—often at the same time.

Research Interests

Elizabeth is interested in how computer systems can best fit the needs of individual users, whether that is through personalization, machine learning, novel inputs, or other techniques. She is especially interested in how systems can support artists and other creators who’s work may not always be suited to traditional methods of interaction. She is also interested in the dynamics of online collaboration and online communities, and how we can better facilitate these interactions to create a positive experience for everyone.