headshot of Jane

Jane Jun

Masters' Student
Information School

Everything about design fascinates me, which is likely what drew me to the DFP Program! While I am currently a second year MLIS student, I am balancing my studies at the UBC iSchool with work at SFU Library as a co-op student. My interest in the LIS degree, or more specifically universal and user-experience design, stems from my experience studying in academic institutions in Germany and South Korea and comparing the similarities and differences of their respective systems to those in North America. I also come from a background in secondary education and have always loved engaging my students in creative projects and seeing what kinds of material draws and holds their attention. Having had a diverse body of students, accessibility and inclusion has always been a passion and interest of mine that I continue to explore in my research at the UBC iSchool.

Research Interests

My research interest focuses on building mobile and web applications using foundations of universal design, or UD, particularly to increase quality of education for students with learning disabilities or challenges. Other areas of interest are physical and virtual UX/UI, graphic design, and HCI.