Headshot of Merry

Merry Shirvani

Masters' Student
Computer Science

I'm pursuing my Master's degree in the Department of Computer Science at UBC, where my focus is on Human-Computer Interactions. My academic journey started with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering, where I specialized in Automation and Control Systems. I then earned my first Master's degree in Industrial and Product Design. I care for making technology accessible and believe in no challenge too big and no detail too small when it comes to understanding how people connect with the digital world that surrounds them. With around three years of professional experience as a UI/UX designer, I've had the privilege of putting this belief into practice. Outside my academic and professional life, you'll often find me savoring a cup of tea with friends, on the hunt for the next binge-worthy sitcom, or making yet another Spotify playlist.

Research Interests

In the field of Human-Computer Interaction, my research interests lie in the exciting area of emerging technologies. Currently, my focus is on Human-AI Interaction, where I delve into both the challenges and opportunities of leveraging personalized AI tools to enhance mental well-being. My research interests also extend to accessibility and AR/VR. Whether it's in digital or immersive environments, my goal is to create experiences through designs that are practical, user-friendly, and genuinely place people at the center of their digital interactions.