A headshot of Parinaz in front of a building.

Parinaz Ranjbaran

Masters' Student
Mechanical Engineering

I’m an MASc student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia. I completed my BSc in Mechanical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology with a minor degree in Industrial Design. As a member of the DFP, I appreciate the community that we’ve built from different areas. Through my team project in the Designing for People course (on measuring lung sounds in COPD patients), I have this opportunity to work with great graduate students in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering department along with RADAR team. Throughout this experience, I have learned how to work in a multidisciplinary team and apply human-centred design techniques to define and address healthcare challenges. In addition, I have had practical HCI courses with many practical projects including CPSC 554Y (Designing Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences) and CPSC 543 (Physical User Interface Design and Evaluation - Haptics). I hope to be able to put these valuable experiences into practice and my research!

Research Interests

My interest in human-centred design and intelligent systems in the context of healthcare builds on my undergraduate work in mechanical engineering and industrial design, where I learned the fundamentals of design, analysis, and fabrication of mechanical and mechatronic systems. My graduate research focuses on system integration and clinical evaluation of a self-tracking C-arm fluoroscopy to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and level of radiation exposure caused by C-arm fluoroscopy in surgical procedures. I’m looking forward to becoming a researcher and engineer in the medical technology industry and I believe my research and program at UBC matches with this goal!