Ryan Smith Photo

Ryan Smith

PhD Student
Computer Science

I am a PhD-track MSc Computer Science student with a background in Psychology. Originally from the United States, I have earned a BA in psychology from Marist College and a MA in Social and Consumer Psychology from NYU.

Research Interests

I am interested in the relationship between visualized data and our ability to retain information. Specifically, how charts, graphs, and infographics allow us to recall more accurate memories about information. Part of being an effective visualization is its ability to leave an impact, and by leveraging research we can better understand why some visualizations do this and others don’t.

I am also interested in the relationship between how we interpret visualized data and concepts that are difficult-to-grasp. This includes data sets that are massive, like the number of individuals who are impacted by poverty, or data sets that are abstract, like the impact of climate change on society. These insights could improve data literacy and help us create more digestible visualizations. Not only does this offer an interesting perspective on the perceptive processes that occur when we view data, but it could also provide insights into our cognitive limitations.