Fuzzy Robots with Feelings

Lead: Karon MacLean

bits of fur and wooden ribcage

CuddleBits are the creation of members of DFP's "Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group" (SPIN). The goals of our CuddleBits are two-fold. The first is to enhance the sensing and expression capabilities of the larger CuddleBot. While the larger machine can move and emote as well as sense touches, we need to iterate on each of these modalities to make them work better, as well as add modalities of seeing, hearing and vocalizing to create a more engaging and expressive interaction experience. Secondly, we want to make the creature smaller and more mobile and robust, making it easier to take it into the real world to study its interactions.

Team: Paul Bucci, Laura Cang, Oliver Schneider, Andrew Strang, Sean Liu, Lucia Tseng, and David Marino

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