Knowledge Translation

Our research crosses the boundaries of disciplines and brings together researchers with unique perspectives and tools. The multidisciplinary nature of DFP is what makes our approach to human centered design remarkable.

You may notice that some research is tagged “Knowledge Translation” – the goal of Knowledge Translation is close the gap between research and practice in order to achieve tangible impact. You can filter to view only Research or only Translation by selecting a Project Type on the right.

Most of the content in this site is tagged with keywords (see sidebar) so that you can explore our site by topic. Click on a keyword in the sidebar (or anywhere on the site) to view projects, people, and events tagged with that word.

A project that looks at ways to make linguistically-based support accessible for acoustically challenged listeners.
The goal of this project is to a create a CSR that will help people with developmental disabilities (DD).
A high-usability UI for personal health records to collect patient-reported experience measures.
A Kickstart proposal to create a community of researchers interested in visualization methods at UBC, and to host a lecture series on the use of modern visualization tools for research and publication.
A Kickstart proposal to foster a collaborative working relationship between researchers and educators in local K-12 school districts.
A notification management tool that allows users to easily personalize notifications from a variety of sources according to their needs.
This research looks at the individual differences in response to managing digital data, and suggests the design of tools to support these varied approaches to data management.
This project works with Northern Manitoba’s Asiniskow Ithiniwak (Rocky Cree) to reclaim their history by revitalizing their stories of cultural identity.
This project aims to develop a 3-credit course that makes use of UBC's historical resources suitable for use outside of UBC.